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A Fine Line

14 Apr

Pampered on business

Posted in Hobbies on 14.04.14

Richard took a trip to Cardiff to take care of his business. He was there for five days and was able to hire five different female escorts from three different Cardiff escorts services. Richard did some sightseeing in Cardiff during the day and hired his escort services in the evening. Richard loved Cardiff’s high street and the beautiful countryside surrounding Cardiff. Richard enjoyed the company of different women as he was trying to figure out what he liked and was looking for in companionship. He enjoyed certain escorts more than other escorts and decided to keep a list of “good” escorts so when he came back to Cardiff he could ask for these by name. Overall, Richard really enjoyed his to Cardiff and planned on going back to Cardiff in a few months.

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27 Mar

Heartbroken & Scared

Posted in Relationships on 27.03.14

I was cleaning my bathroom the other day and I found a diamond earring from someone that I must have had over to my house in the past. My reputation isn’t the greatest when it comes to women because I can never just stick with one.

My first love relationship was when I was 17 and the girl just basically ripped my heart right out of my chest. I couldn’t eat, sleep or barley even function for several months and I told myself that this would never happen again. Ten years later I just continue to meet girls at the bars for a one night stand or I will call a Leeds escorts companion to come out to my home. This way I can keep the relationship in my control and if I start falling for someone I will let them go almost immediately. It sounds selfish but I don’t want to ever have to go through that in my life time again!

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22 Jan

The Cultural Offerings of Karnataka

Posted in Asia on 22.01.14

Located within South West India, Karnataka revels in a history that extends back into the Paleolithic. Since antiquity, this state has served as the center for the rise of great Indian Empires and unparalleled cultural progression.

Karnataka is comprised of well-known cities, such as Bangalore, or “the Garden city”, as well as Mysore, home to the Maharaja’s Palace. Countless cultural attractions surround these and other locales, including Mysore Palace, the Badami Caves, the archaeological museum at Hampi, and the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam.

The region of Karnataka is additionally home to number of annual festivals, the most important of which may be the Ayudha Pooja. Many men enjoy having indian phone sex with hot ladies. Spanning from the end of September to the early days of October, this celebration honors the divine weapons of ancient legends and commemorates the killing of the demon king Mahishasura.

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07 Jan

An Important Party

Posted in Lifestyle on 07.01.14

Running for vice president at my company is extremely difficult and puts a ton of stress on a persons life. This year I decided to run and so far I am losing my mind with all the work I am doing. This weekend I am going to the company’s presidents house for dinner with my co-workers and their family. I do not want to show up alone. I want to have a lovely woman standing at my side to show off to everyone. My only choice is to call Edinburgh escorts to help me with a date for this coming weekend. I have only heard good things about them, so I am sure they will give me the best escort they have, due to the importance of this dinner. As of right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everything will turn out fine at the dinner this weekend.

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